Learned an astronomical amount over the 4 days of training. Alena and crew handle the stress well of trying to keep everyone up to speed. I highly recommend taking the course if you’re not completely confident in your Xactimate usage!! Thanks to Alena, Todd and Jesse for the guidance
Scott Kirk
Dubuque, IA
I just wanted to let you know how much Xactimate has helped our business already! I would estimate that by implementing its use, we have already generated increased billings by an average of about 25%. For the projects we have billed recently, this has been substantial.
Owner, New Dimension Cleaning
I can’t thank you enough for offering this Xactware certification course. We have found that including our credentials and certification attached to our estimates holds a lot of power when working with insurance companies. The adjuster knows we are prepared to fight but rarely do we have to…we are not “easy prey” so to speak. The adjusters move on to easier targets and approve our files. I would highly recommend Anyone in our business take the time and effort…it will pay for itself in the first month.
Paul Bailey II
Owner, Alliance Roofing
Xactimate has drastically moved our profits much higher with little extra work. ALENA IS SUPERB TRAINER. Supplements and GCO&P are the icing on the cake. Increases our profit margins by an average of 27%.
Brad Elder
Owner, OK Strong
There is just so much great information in this program. I wish I knew all of this last week let alone 20 years ago. I just want to say how valuable this program is to me and I wish all contractors knew this information. Tell the world. If everyone knew this information and was using it on a daily basis all of our jobs would be easier and more profitable.
Jim Thompson
Plattsmouth, NE
On our first Xactimate quote using your macro template we increased the dollar amount on the claim from $11,000 to $20,000 and got $ 18,000 approved. We can now do a much better job for our client and make a fair profit for our hard work. Thanks for your help.
Chris Arrington
Vice President, Arrington Roofing
“In a matter of 30 minutes, your detailed explanation of the program and its inner workings have made my life already less stressful. Your knowledge and attitude about the program and Xactimate, in general, was great to hear. I really appreciate the EagleView heads up and you taking the time to help me with the “Preferences” section to save me even more time on my estimates. Hearing you talk I know you guys know your stuff and this just helps solidify my decision to buy this KICKASS PROGRAM! Well done to the whole XM8 Mastery team and anyone who helped put this thing together. I cannot in words thank you enough and I look forward to speaking with you and/or the XM8 team on any issues that may arise. BY THE WAY, I’M ONLY A WEEK INTO THIS STUFF AND IF I KNEW WHAT I WAS GETTING BEFORE I BOUGHT I WOULD HAVE EASILY PAID DOUBLE FOR THE WEALTH OF INFORMATION IN THIS PROGRAM!”
Rusty Regalado
Sales Manager, MAC Construction & Roofing
The training I received at XM8 Mastery has given me and my team the confidence and the courage to go up against the often intimidating insurance adjuster and win. The XM8 training was easy to understand and we were able to implement it immediately. The first insurance job we had, it more than covered the cost of the training and the software. The second insurance job we had, we took the original quote from $15,000 to over $50,000. Every insurance job we’ve had since the training, we’ve been able to substantially increase the value of the job and it is 100 percent due to the training we received at XM8 Mastery. I would highly recommend XM8 Mastery to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level
Bill Ragan
President, Bill Ragan Roofing & Associates, LLC